Experienced Ohio Trust and Estates Attorney

Process of Probate

Most executors have rarely, if ever, probated a will, and they know little about the process.  Martin & Richards can guide you through the complex probate process, including:

  • Filing the will with the Ohio probate court
  • Developing the best strategy for fairly and expeditiously probating the estate
  • Finding and collecting assets
  • Closing and opening bank accounts
  • Transferring assets from the deceased to the estate
  • Paying estate taxes
  • Valuing, managing, preserving and liquidating the estate
  • Locating beneficiaries
  • Hiring experts, when appropriate

Valuing and managing the estate

Martin & Richards assists executors with the arduous process of collecting, managing, valuing, protecting and liquidating the assets of the estate.  Experts available to assist in every aspect of estate probate.  When appropriate, the firm calls upon accountants, financial advisers, real estate agents, property managers and other professionals to assist with executor duties.  These experts provide opinions about unique assets such as antiques, rare books, automobiles, and other collectables for accurate valuation, management, and possible sale.

Probate disputes

Even in apparently straightforward estate cases, there are sometimes disputes between beneficiaries. Martin Richards' professional courtroom presence can calm the emotionally charged process of probating a challenged will, or a disputed executor or judicial decision.  When it is in the best interests of our client to preserve cordial familial relationships, we are adept at mediating these disputes.  When necessary, we assertively defend our client’s beneficiary rights within the Ohio probate court.

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