Family Law

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Family Law Issues are tough on all parties involved. When you are struggling to keep it together you want an an attorney who knows the ropes and can guide you through the court system without unnecessary drama.

Unfortunately, some marriages simply cannot be saved. At that point, the issues are whether you want a Divorce or Dissolution. And, who gets what? The House? The Retirement Plans? Custody of the children?  Child Support?  Spousal Support?

Unmarried or non-custodial parents have rights too. Perhaps you have fathered a child from a non-marital relationship and even pay child support but have no legal custodial rights to your son or daughter. Or, maybe you want legal custody of a grandchild because the parents are not healthy or otherwise fit to parent? There are many reasons why you might want a new or modified Court Order and hiring the right attorney is the first step in that process.

Finally, no one likes to get an unfavorable decision from a magistrate or judge—whether it is from Juvenile or Domestic Court. Retaining the right attorney for your appeal is an important decision that should not be delayed or you could lose the right to appeal.

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